Online Fitness & Nutrition Tracker


In keeping with our dynamic approach to concierge medicine, we provide the essential tools to help you maximize your results. Once you’ve returned home following your Executive Health Evaluation, you will have daily contact with our medical team via our online Fitness & Nutrition Tracker. This easy-to-use web-based computer program allows you to record important data so our nutritionist and exercise physiologist can keep a watchful eye on your progress.


As a patient of Cenegenics® Jacksonville, you will receive a password and login for easy access to your profile. Our online resources allow you to input your day-to-day consumption of foods, beverages and nutritional supplements, as well as document your daily exercise and training activities. This allows your counselors to analyze your progress and issue red flag alerts when bad habits should be avoided or where certain improvements are needed. That way you stay on track, making it easier to implement your age management plan.

You also are provided with other helpful tools for customizing meal plans, managing your supplement schedule or searching through hundreds of tasty recipes. Cenegenics® Online makes it easy to determine what you should eat and will even generate your grocery lists. Plus, once you’ve entered your favorite foods, our software can help you plan every meal or snack for today, tomorrow or next week. Special notes or comments can be entered into your Daily Diary making it easy for our medical team to provide the one-on-one care you deserve.