Lifestyle: Comprehensive Health Evaluation


To develop a successful age management plan, it is important for our physician to have an accurate picture of what is going on inside your body. Once you’ve scheduled your Executive Health Evaluation, our Jacksonville office will contact you to set up an appointment with a phelbotomist to visit your home or office. They will perform a quick but comprehensive blood analysis that helps us determine how various health issues may be impacting your healthy aging. To learn more, click on the Get Started menu option at the top of this page.

Our thorough evaluation is highly personalized and lasts approximately six hours. We promise it will be anything but dull and may include these diagnostics:

    • Diagnostic Testing

For comfort and convenience during various diagnostic tests, wear sweats/shorts and tennis shoes.

    • Body Scan and Composition Exam

The total body scan determines bone density, lean muscle mass and body fat percentile.

    • Digital Photos and Body Measurements

You may elect to have digital photos taken for before-and-after comparisons.

    • Arm Strength Testing

The number of repetitions completed before your muscles fatigue provides a baseline measurement for annual comparisons.

    • Consult with Cenegenics® Physician

Based on labs, diagnostics, medical history and lifestyle, you and your Cenegenics physician will sit down to discuss the findings

    • Meet with Nutritionist & Exercise Physiologist

You will discuss dietary habits and determine your personal exercise goals.

  • Determine Your Age Management Plan

You will meet with a Cenegenics® Associate to decide what you wish to do.

Periodic diagnostic testing will allow our physicians to track your progress for continued, objective comparisons regardless of where you live. This medical fine tuning of each component of your personalized Cenegenics® plan will help you stay motivated and on track to attain your age management goals.

Whether you’re planning a quick trip for your Executive Health Evaluation or choose an extended stay, our staff can assist in making your trip to Jacksonville a pleasant one. There are ocean-front resort accommodations with golf, tennis, fishing, boating, fine dining, shopping, and fine arts & entertainment just minutes away from the Cenegenics® Jacksonville Medical Institute. Use our website’s convenient contact form for your Complimentary kit; or call Cenegenics® direct to Get Started Today.