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A collection of glands that make up the body’s endocrine system produce over 200 hormones that are secreted and transported to deliver specific information to cells and organs. As men age, ultimately they lose the ability to produce certain hormones in sufficient quantities and hormonal imbalances occur. A major reason for beginning an age management with an Executive Health Evaluation is to determine if any underlying health factors may be causing hormonal imbalances. At Cenegenics® for men in Jacksonville FL, our initial goal is to always encourage your body to naturally produce the hormones you need for healthy aging. However, growing older takes its toll on bodily functions and bad lifestyle decisions can accelerate the aging process to a point where bioidentical hormone-replacement therapy and nutraceutical supplementation are indicated to restore a healthy balance.

Reasons Men Need Hormone Therapy

Most doctors are not trained in age management as a specialty and rarely consider hormone therapy for male patients. Instead, patients are advised to accept these changes as a natural by-product of aging. However, within weeks of starting their age management program, male patients typically report improvements in symptoms to include:

  • Increased muscle strength
  • Decrease fat mass
  • Increased mental acuity
  • Improved sex drive & performance
  • Increase endurance & stamina
  • Improved sleep quality


When you are younger, disease is less likely and your hormones are at optimal levels. It is true that we are all going to age, but aging is a process which can be controlled. Cenegenics® for Men gives you a choice in how you age. Concierge medicine is here – and individualized therapies are available to help you develop a plan for healthy age management.

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